Messing with Your Scale–Our First Giveaway!

This is a picture circulating on Facebook.  It is not my scale, but I had to show all of you, because I love what it represents.  What does this image mean to you?

I challenge all of you to do this.  Consider annihilating your precious maker, the scale.  Replace the judgement, the negativity, and the heaviness of your weight with a positive message.  Send in your pics and I will post them here.  Get creative, and you may WIN SOMETHING!!!!!

That’s right!  The Fat Girl is having our first giveaway!  A Hardcover copy of You on a Diet, the best-selling book coauthored by one of my favorite people…Dr. Oz.

Deadline is August 31st.  Send your pictures in today!

4 thoughts on “Messing with Your Scale–Our First Giveaway!

  1. I love this it is simple and straight to the point .. a great way of illustrating that we don’t all need to be size zero to be happy. xo

  2. I don’t have a scale. I do; however, have a tape measure. It’s not as fabulous as the one Mary Poppins had, but it is pink. I was considering writing “fabulous” on the number I want my waist to be, but that may be pushing it.

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