Free!! Part Two

Today I embark on another leg of my journey to freedom.  I’m saying goodbye to an old friend with whom I have the unhealthiest relationship in my life.  A friend who makes me feel terrible about myself.   A friend who I both loathe and so desperately need.

I’m ditching my scale bitches!

A few weeks ago I asked you to mark up your scales, and I’ve been getting some great pics, like this one from Heather:

Thanks to all of you who sent pics, I will be announcing a winner in a few days.  If you haven’t yet, you can still send your pic to

I’m taking this scale destruction one step further.  I’m ditching mine.  Starting September 1st, I pledge to you and to myself- that for one year I will not weigh myself.  I will not measure myself with a tape measure, I will refuse to get weighed at the doctor’s office.  I will live a year without weights and measures, focusing instead on happy thoughts, healthy thoughts, and healthy habits.

Stay tuned for the video…. (Yeah, there’s going to be a video.)

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